Blackjack tips

If you are new to blackjack and wish to play in a disciplined way and make decisions based on mathematics, the simplified blackjack strategy outlined below is our best black jack tips. As you become more familiar with blackjack you can advance to more complex blackjack strategies.

Black jack tips - simplified blackjack strategy

Black jack tips for tournaments

Black jack tournaments are popular online as well as offline, and here are some black jack tips that might give you an edge the next time you participate in a tournament.

Black jack tips #1: Always make sure you know the rules of the tournament before you start playing. This might seem like a no-brainier, but many black jack players actually enter black jack tournaments without realizing that the rules vary from casino to casino.

Black jack tips #2: Always keep an eye on the stacks of your opponents. In some situations, you may need to adjust your strategy. It can for instance be advisable to stick to the minimum bet if your stack is large enough to take you to the next elimination round if you avoid making a huge loss.

Black jack tips #3: Employ a good black jack strategy. Basic black jack strategy is recommended for the novice, while more advanced players can employ more complex strategies during the tournament. Do not rely on superstition or gut feeling.

Black jack tips #4: Table position is important. The last player to act always have more information than the others.

Black jack tips #5: If you engage in card counting, do it discretely. Even though card counting is legal in most jurisdictions, casinos are usually allowed to show suspected card counters to the door – even if it's in the middle of a black jack tournament.