Blackjack online primer

It was not that long ago that anyone who wanted to play black jack needed to visit a casino or bar to do so, but a lot have changed since then with the development and growth of internet gambling. Today, you can play black jack or just about any other casino game from anywhere as long as you have access to a computer or cell phone connected to the internet. You can play an exciting game of black jack on your lunch break at work or at home in bed before you go to sleep.

Finding black jack online is not hard since almost all of the online casinos feature at least one, often several, types of black jack. You can therefore focus on other aspects than whether or not it features black jack when choosing an online casino to play at. One thing to pay special attention to is if they offer other casino games you want to play and if they offer poker, bingo, sports betting etc as well.

Welcome bonuses online

If you want to accept the welcome bonuses offered by many casinos, keep in mind that these bonuses usually are associated with a wager requirement that must be fulfilled before you are allowed to withdraw money from your account. The money that will be locked into your account usually include your bonus, your initial deposit and any winnings. (In some rare cases you are allowed to withdraw your deposit as long as your account contain an amount equal or bigger to your initial deposit and the welcome bonus.) In other words, if you accept a welcome bonus from an online casino expect your money to be looked in your account until you have fulfilled the wager requirements. The wager requirement is usually somewhere between 20 and 40 times the bonus + first deposit.

So, why is this information especially important to the black jack player? Black jack is a game with a low house edge and it is also a game where skill is a factor. Because of this, it is common for casinos not to count wagers on black jack towards their wager requirement. You can in other words bet an infinite amount on black jack without meeting the requirement. In online casinos where black jack does count against the wager requirements, it is usually only a small part of each wager that counts, e.g. 10% of the bet value. This means that if you place a USD10 bet on black jack, only 1 USD counts towards the wager requirement. Or to put it another way, the wager requirement becomes 10 times higher for the black jack player compared to the slot player.

If you want to use the welcome bonus and want to play only black jack it is important that you check and find and online casino that offer good terms to black jack players to make sure that you can reach the wager requirement within a reasonable amount of time and without needing enormous amounts of money.

Getting started

Once you have register at a casino all you have to do is log in, deposit funds, choose a black jack table and start playing. The basic black jack rules online are the same as you would find in a casino offline, but there are a few differences that is important to remember.

Examples of differences between online and offline blackjack: