Blackjack bonus

Most online casinos offer a welcome bonus and other types of bonuses for their members, but only a fraction of them have bonuses suitable for blackjack players. Finding the perfect black jack bonus can therefore require some research.

The main reason why the avid blackjack player should look for a specific black jack bonus is the wager requirements imposed on normal casino bonuses. In most casinos, there will be a 25x or even higher wager requirement attached to every bonus you accept. A 25x wager requirement on a $100 bonus means that you have to wager a total of $2 500 to fulfill the requirement. Some casinos will lock your account from withdrawals until you have fulfilled the requirement, while others will take your bonus money away from you if you withdraw your deposit money and/or any winnings without first fulfilling the wager requirement.

If you prefer to play blackjack, fulfilling a standard casino bonus wager requirement can prove to be a tall order, because casino management knows that blackjack is not a mere game of luck. A skilled blackjack player can bring the house edge down considerably, even online where card counting is rather pointless. Because of that, most online casinos do not count blackjack wagers towards the wager requirement, or count only a fraction of the wagered amount, e.g. 10%.

If you plan on playing chiefly blackjack, it can therefore be a good idea to locate an online casino that offers a specific black jack bonus and decline their regular welcome bonus. Some online casinos offer black jack bonus to new members only while others have it as an ongoing feature for all members. A black jack bonus is tailor made to fit the casino's black jack players. If there is a wager requirement, it will be feasible to fulfill it by playing blackjack even if you don't have a $100k bankroll.

Sometimes you will need to become a member in a casino's blackjack club in order to get a black jack bonus. Membership is usually free and can be highly beneficial for the dedicated blackjack player since it typically entails much more than simply a one-time black jack bonus. You may for instance receive a new black jack bonus every month, invitations to black jack tournaments and opportunity to test new blackjack games for free as soon as they arrive to the casino.

A black jack bonus is often considerably smaller than the casino's regular first deposit bonus, but if you plan on playing mostly blackjack in the casino you should resist the temptation to accept the standard welcome bonus. Opting for a black jack bonus will be the best choice in the long run, unless you're ready to mix up your blackjack sessions with large wagers on slot machines, keno, scratch cards and similar games where 100% (or even more!) of your bet counts towards the wager requirement.